Guinea Community In New York Organize Soccer League For Unity

IMG_3646A Guinean NGO in New York, Pottal Fii Bhantal (United For Development) has been organizing a soccer tournament for its nationals in the New York area for the past 10 years. This year, the tournament has kicked off in full force.

According to the Former President of Pottal Fii Bhantal, Abdoulaye S. Diallo, the purpose of the games is to foster unity among Guinean nationals, help keep the youth off the streets and to unearth talent for potential careers in professional soccer.

He said members of the community form different teams named after cities in Guinea. Each team is allowed to have about 5 non-Guineans and they compete in a league-style tourney for the grand trophy.

He added that the games are fully insured to the tune of $4 million and in the event of a player getting injured, there is full coverage to take care of their medical and other expenses.

The Guinean community is one of the best organized African communities in the New York area and regularly holds events and activities aimed at bonding the together and showcasing positive African values

See Photos and Listen to an interview with Mr. Diallo.





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