Ghana Elections: Man Dies Minutes After Casting His Vote

Image Courtesy: Penplusbytes
Image Courtesy: Penplusbytes

A voter in Ghana’s on-going general election died soon after casting his votes, reports from the Kintampo North  district of the country reveal.

Reports say the man, popularly known as Abudu Abudu went to the Methodist Primary polling station at dawn to queue  for his chance to cast his ballot and seemed fine. Moments after casting his vote however, Abudu started shouting for help, complaining of pains in the heart.

He was rushed by other voters in the queue to the Kintampo Government Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

The Kintampo North seat is currently held by the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC). In the last election, Stephen Kunsu won the seat for the NDC with 22,761 votes out of the 42,119 valid votes cast representing 54.04%.  The New Patriotic Party’s Razak Awudulia came in second with 17,504 representing 41.56%.



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