Soldiers Deployed To Flush Out Fulanis

The Ashanti Regional Security Council (REGSEC) has deployed more military men as reinforcement for the police to drive away Fulanis in Agogo.

The nomads have been at loggerheads with the locals following the killing of over three people recently in the area. There is an uneasy calm in Agogo following the latest development.

The outgoing Ashanti regional minister and chairman of REGSEC Peter Anarfi-Mensah has assured the people of Agogo and its environs that the security is on red alert to restore calm.

“The regional security is using this medium to assure residents, farmers and herdsmen of Agogo and its environs of their maximum protection and appeal to them to cooperate with the regional Security Council to achieve lasting peace in Agogo and its environs,” Anerfi said at a press conference on Wednesday.

He added: “We are sending down more security men to augment those we already have there… comprising soldiers and the police. They are to protect life and property and drive away the nomadic Fulanis from the belt from today till March ending.”

Meanwhile, there are reports that one other person has been allegedly shot by Fulani herdsmen at Agogo as the nomads flee to Fanteakwa in the Eastern region for refuge.

The report also has it that another herdsman was injured in a scuffle leaving seven cattle dead.



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