Medical Doctors Reject Postings To Lambussie-Karni District

Residents of Lambussie-Karni District in the Upper West Region have been compelled to travel farther distances to seek health care as healthcare delivery in the district is gradually grinding to a halt.

This is because Medical Doctors continue to reject postings to the area with the excuse that the district is remote and lacks basic amenities compared to other areas.

The situation is worrisome in the face of facilities like a polytechnic and ancillary Community-based Health Planning and Service (CHPS) compounds operating in the district with no Medical Doctor at post to play supervisory roles.

The Lambussie-Karni district assembly has had to employ the services of part-time doctors on leave from other heath institutions to provide health care for residents.

District Chief Executive (DCE) of Lambussie-Karni district Bum Kofi Dyakkah laments that all his efforts including putting up a decent bungalow to house a Medical Doctor for the district has not been successful in attracting a medical doctor to the district.

“We used the District Development Fund (DDF) to construct a bungalow to accommodate a Medical Doctor. We were fortunate to get one posted to the district who came to survey the place but promised he was going to prepare and come back failed to return”, he disclosed.

He said the only hope of the district in terms of healthcare delivery is soliciting the services of Doctors on part-time to ensure the safety of residents since the doctors are refusing to accept postings

Story By: Stephen Zoure/ Tamale



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