Govt Thanks Mining Firms For Adjusting To ‘Dumsor’

The Government of Ghana has expressed gratitude to the mining industry for accommodating the protracted power crisis.

Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Nii Osah Mills said at the maiden edition of the Ghana Mining Industry Awards (GMIA), which was on the theme: ‘Recognising Excellence, Celebrating Achievement in the Mining Industry,’ that: “Industries have been the hardest hit and while the situation is regrettable, government would like to express its profound gratitude to the mining industry for its fortitude and willingness to make the necessary adjustments for alternative and oftentimes expensive power supply in order not to lose production.”

“Since 2013, the country has been faced with a debilitating power crunch that has affected every aspect of the economy,” he said.

“…It is the expectation of the government that the pipeline of additional generating capacities and natural gas resources will conjoin to turn our dark days to brighter days in the near future,” Mr Mills added.

Finance Minister Seth Terkper told parliament a few weeks ago that as part of measures to address the on-going power supply challenges, government has undertaken the following projects which are at various stage of completion:

• Work on the 220MW Kpone Thermal Power Project is on course and is expected to be commissioned for operations before the end of the year;

• Installation works are progressing steadily on the 250MW Ameri and 225MW Karpower Projects and are expected to be commissioned before the end of the year;

• Work on the 110MW TICO expansion is completed and commencement of commercial operations is expected in 2016;

• Installation works on the 360MW Sunon Asogli expansion project is on-going. The first phase with an installed capacity of 180MW is to be commissioned by the end of the year, whilst the second phase of another 180MW would be completed in 2016; and

• The Volta River Authority’s (VRA) expansion of the existing Siemens plant (49.5MW) by the addition of 38MW is 90 percent complete.

Power Minister Dr Kwabena Donkor has promised to resign if he is unable to solve the power crisis by December 31, 2015.



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