Veterinary Workers Threaten To Withdraw Services

Over a million lives in the Upper East region could suffer multiple outbreak of diseases anytime soon.

This is because some angry members of the Veterinary Medical Technical Association of Ghana (VEMTAG) have threatened to withdraw their services over some arrears of Interim Market Premium owed them since 2011.

What their intended action means is that they will suspend the vaccination of animals and they will no longer inspect animals before they are slaughtered for public consumption, putting the life of the consumers in danger.

Some of the veterinary workers who spoke to Starr News in Bolgatanga said they have given the authorities a seven-day ultimatum to address their concerns or would withdraw their services.

“After seven days if we don’t get an appropriate response from the authorities we would sit down, we would go to work but won’t work, if no response is given then we would withdraw totally.

“The risk that the public stands is that within that period…we can’t guarantee the safety of meat that would be brought to the market.

“Any animal or animal product that would be brought into the country whether through the ports, or any entry point would not be inspected…so nobody can guarantee their safety…we have been unfairly treated over the years”.

Source Starr



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