Asawase Imam Condemns Murder At NPP Party Office

An Islamic Scholar in the Ashanti Region has strongly condemned the killing of a party supporter of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Asawase constituency.

Sheik Yussif Alhassan who is also the Imam of the Asawase Community described the act as “barbaric and shameful” not only to the party but also the Islamic religion.

The incident happened 20 meters away from his mosque when he was delivering a sermon during the Friday prayers.

Thirty (30) year old Sidick Abubakar alias Obundi, was stabbed by some “macho men” Friday afternoon at the party’s office after he and some other party members tried to stop them (macho men) from unlocking the office to allow the party’s constituency Chairperson and his Youth Organizer to have access to it.

Sheik Yussif who was peeved by the action said, “The way our youth act nowadays, I can say I am afraid we don’t have a bright future”.

He added that he was worried because the incident involved Muslim youth from the community.

He indicated that the Islamic Religion forbids the shedding of blood and the act was contrary to the teachings of the religion.

The Islamic scholar, who also described the act as a purely criminal, wants the Police to bring the perpetrators to book.



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