‘We Sacked Homosexuals In The Interest Of Students’-OWASS Headmaster

The Headmaster of Opoku Ware Senior High School (OWASS), Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, Dr Alexis Frimpong Nimoh has stated that the school sacked its students involved in homosexuality in the interest of other students.

Authorities of OWASS last week indefinitely suspended 3 students for allegedly indulging in homosexuality.

Speaking to  Isaac Justice Bediako, Dr. Nimoh explained that the school had substantial evidence to sack the homosexuals from the school.

He expressed fear that the homosexuals will initiate students into their fold.

‘We don’t let them come and pollute others, they initiate lots of people into it they are more powerful, sometimes when you trace, you see they have influence from outside, so they can easily initiate and convince people to join their fold, because some of the parents are not even aware that their children are involved in that,’ he said.

He debunked allegations the homosexuals were initiated in the school.

‘Some of the students started when they were about 6 years old or so. So it’s not that they are coming to learn from this place, no, wherever they are, they were initiated by some people, they are staying with their parents, but they are not aware, some of the wards came out with these disclosures during a disciplinary committee, some of them were weeping,’ he disclosed.

He appealed to the public to desist from blowing things out or proportion.‘So when you are outside and make lots of noise, you are not helping,’Dr. Nimoh also denied pressuring the students to admit being homosexuals.



‘The school authorities will never force anybody to admit, how can they force you, when you had gone on your own volition to explain certain things that we were not aware, when you had told the committee when you even started. And you go round to say you have been forced to say that you are homosexuals, we are calling on the parents to pick their letters, if we give letters to the students, it will not reach them,’ the Headmaster emphasised.



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