OPINION: CPP – Under The Light – By Yaw Nkunim


By Yaw Nkunim.

CPP, Convention Peoples Party is presently as paradoxical as the country and continent it lighted. Africa and Ghana, the wealthiest continent and country respectively, yet their scarred history has frozen their reality. Only now a potential, thawing tortuously but surely with time. Such is the story of unambiguously, the greatest political party, CPP. The bubbling pricking question however is, is CPP ‘dying’ a mortal death, or that of a supernatural death to be resurrected into an unparalleled political and economic glory?

Needless to detail CPP’s brutal survival against politically murderous attacks, a summary of its multi dimensional elements are worth noting. The Blue factor, the Rawlings NDC sophistry, Ndoum’s parasitic tangent, and most present and critically, CPPs own veiled political demons. 2016 was a golden opportunity to bounce back, but ruthlessly and shamefully crushed and squandered by the election sell-out.  Perhaps CPP 2016 must earn an unenviable page in the Guinness Book of Records, as the only political party in a presidential bid with three man campaign team, a candidate, a chairman and a strategist!

The parochial scheme to repeat the 2016 greedy hunt is moot, and an irredeemable stillbirth! Firstly, the trump of Prof Dele’s bid, has been glaringly and elementarily deduced to be a grand decoy! Critically, the  architects of the Green Philosophy that circumstantially culminated into Greenstreet’s candidacy, are fiercely against the status quo. Equally critical is the luminous jacket of greed and sophistry against CPP’s reemergence, vividly demonstrated by the 2016 campaign leadership themselves. Against this back drop of gloom however, is a great hope.

This hope of unconquered CPP spirit is ferociously lit by the brain and brawn of the current youth, whose most lethal and dependable arsenal is TIME. The political time of Ghana is hellishly against the status quo. Never has there ever been a paradoxical time of concurrent hopeless despair and great hope on the Nkrumaist front, and particularly its political machine, CPP. Like the Phoenix, CPP will definitely rise from the ashes. Political independence was its destiny. Economic independence is CPP’s second phase.

What CPP needs critically and urgently to crystallize its latent fortunes, is a strong team of unifying leadership that oozes confidence, both for comrades and the electorate. Of immeasurable dividends also will be the revival of the Shadow Cabinet system. For the exigencies of the time, it must be expanded to cover the regions as well. This master stroke will exhibit CPP’s capacity, team spirit, inclusion and great inspiration for the electorate. This will neutralize factionalism and the three-man-party syndrome which has greatly diminished relevance of the party.

Another serious punch is to fashion out an ‘engine room’, a think tank for the party, made up of ideologically sound and credible dedicated comrades. A twin of the think tank must be the sharpest of a Communication Directorate to spearhead public discourse. The proposed pack of energizing ingredients must be concluded with a strongly revamped Youth and Women’s Wings. This, with the restoration of CPP Brand will make it matchless on the political landscape.

The power Mantle operated by the CPP in the era of political independence was disintegrated by the 1966 retrogressive coup. The late Gaddafi, political backbone of JJ Rawlings, captured the continental chip. Rawlings seized the national chip. Ndoum of PPP, who was politically propped up by the Blues against CPP, held on to the party chip.

The greatest of hopeful news is that all the various scattered chips of the CPP Panafrican Mantle, are once again, securely united in the spirit of a countless ‘Davids’. 2019 will be a greatly interesting political year for Ghana.

The redeemed and the dispossessed. The wilderness elements and the promised era lads. The vanquished and the victors. The Goliaths and the Davids. The Great Time of Light will shine on us all. Make no mistake about it. Time and Light has inevitably prevailed. Nkunim woho mayen!

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of ghnewsnow.com

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