EXCLUSIVE: Kingdom Flame Mission – Family And Friends Service Season ll.

The season 2 of The Family and Friends Service was held on Sunday 29th of July at the Accra branch on the 19th Angelic street at Sakaman 13th Bus stop.

Head Pastor Bishop Moses Amponsah welcomed everyone including ghnewsnow.com team to the service.

The service which began with Praises & worship by The Kingdom voices prepared the heart of many towards the service. This followed by a hot Biblical debate on the topic “PRAYER AND HARD WORK Which is more important.”

Led by Elder Jerry Holm and Rev. Philip Acheampong, several opinions came from the congregation and the entire church came to the conclusion that Prayer is more important though each and every believer must endeavor to work hard to fulfill what he or she prayed on.

Follow this link to watch the service. http://facebook.com/kingdom.flamemissions.5

The service ended with a buffet, where family and friends were served with all kings food and drinks; Eba, Jollof and plain rice, Banku, Kenkey , Pitoo and the like.

Below are some of the moments captured by our team who were at the event.



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