I Agree With John Q; If It’s Not Jamaican, It’s Not Reggae – Saint Kankam


Saint Kankam
Saint Kankam

A few weeks ago, Ghnewsnow spoke to US-based Ghanaian reggae artists John Q and Paapa Wastik.

In the interview, John Q suggested that reggae is the absolute preserve of Jamaicans and that if the music is not produced in or by Jamaicans it simply cannot be considered as reggae.

Producer, multi-instrumentalist and CEO of Top Spear Studios Saint Kankam also called to chime in on the subject. He told Ghnewsnow that he totally agrees with that assertion.

For a man who is from Ghana, based in the United States and plays professional reggae with some heavyweights like Romaine Virgo, this came across as a strange admission. We thus decided to give him the floor to fully expatiate on this viewpoint.



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