Hunger Kills Three Ghanaians In Libya; 500 Stranded

Three Ghanaians have reportedly died in the past week in Libya with over 500 people more stranded in that country.

The Ghanaian immigrants who travelled to seek greener pastures are struggling to cope with the harsh conditions in the war-ravaged North African country.

According to reports, the conditions of Ghanaians have worsened due to the absence of a Ghanaian Embassy.

One of the stranded Ghanaians in Libya, Frank Asamoah in an interview with news man called on authorities in Ghana to help them return home.

According to him, over 500 Ghanaians are currently living at a hunger struck town in Tripoli with other African Nationals.

Asamoah disclosed that they have been stranded for the past two months and need help to return home.

“We are facing a lot of challenges in Libya, we have been here for two months and there is no flight from here to Ghana…we can’t get food and even water to drink or bath is very difficult.

“We lost two Ghanaians last week and just this week we lost another Ghanaian guy. Many of us are suffering from several diseases so we need help from our leaders from Ghana,” Asamoah said.



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