National Peace Council Gives EC B+ Thus Far

Photo Courtesy: SilverFM
Photo Courtesy: SilverFM

Despite listing a few irregularities, the National Peace Council has given the Electoral Commission a B+ as elections in Ghana draw to a close.

Speaking to the media, Chairman on the council, Rev. Emmanuel Asante said in the face of obvious challenges, the Electoral Commission has done a fairly good job so far. He said the Peace Council does not anticipate a situation where a party or candidate would question the overall conduct of the election.

“In this part of the world, we definitely believe that we are not going to have 100% infraction free results, but if you take it all in general, I think as I said, I would give the EC a B+”, he said. He also gave credit to the police for having a presence and for being quick to diffuse potentially explosive situations.

He further stated that the Peace Council is investigation the irregularities that have come to their attention. He said there have been isolated incidents in places like Bolga. He made a list of irregularities ranging from parties offering EC officials food to printing of fake ballot papers.



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