Vote For More NDC MP’s For Smooth Approval Of Government Policies- Seth Tekper

The Minister of Finance and Economic Planing ,Seth Tekper has advised supporters of the ruling National Democratic Congress not base on “minor rifts within the party” to vote against NDC Parliamentary candidates in order to help the party garner more Parliamentary seats for smooth approval of Government policies in Parliament.

He said,voting Skirt and Blouse against NDC Parliamentary candidates  could impede smooth implementation of  government policies should the party looses seats in Parliament whiles the President wins.

According to the Finance Minister  ,  most government policies cannot be fulfilled until Parliament approval hence getting the numbers in Parliament is  paramount to the smooth running of government business therefore,supporters of the party  should ignore little pockets of grievances to vote for more NDC Parliamentary candidates to  go to the law chamber.

” the point I make to my party members is that,they should appreciate  that the President’s policies in many instances are not fulfilled until it goes to Parliament  for approval,the budgetary that I present to Parliament for example ,which i present to cabinet which the President Presides has to be approved by Parliament  so if you are not voting for your MP,who do you expect to vote for the President’s policies ,and so these are the education we are giving them  ,that you should not take a minor rift within the party to say that you are not voting for your candidate because the President will need his MPs to make his policies succeed  and that is the appeal that we are making but u believe that a lot of People will vote for the President and vote for the MP.”

Mr.Seth Tekper further stated that,even though the President has performed extremely well ,Supporters of the party should not be complacent  instead turn out highly on December 7 to vote .” we know the President has done a lot of work ,but the President’s work in the constituency is done in conjunction with the MP,so we want them to see it as a joint effort ,the MPs are the ones who are in parliament and therefore should not be complacent and stay at home ”

The finance Minister ,said this in an interview with the media at the sidelines of a campaign launch by the Member of Parliament for Upper Manya Krobo,Hon.Jeff Tetteh Kavianu .

The NDC has been saddled with internal rancor in the Upper Many a Krobo constituency erupted after the Parliamentary primaries which the close contender,Bismark  Tetteh Nyarkon,and his supporters accused the MP for rigging the election hence series of petitions and demonstrations with a threat too vote skirt and blouse. However,according to the Party,the wrangling have been fixed.

However,the MP,Jeff Tetteh Kavianu  ,addressing the supporters urge them to unit and ally around him to garner massive votes for himself and the President.



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