Vote For Massive Development – SADA Lawyer

The parliamentary candidate for Daboya-Mankarigu constituency, Mahama Shaibu Obei has outlined four thematic areas of focus when elected as Member of Parliament on the ticket of the National Democratic congress (NDC).

Education, Peace advocacy, agriculture and health he emphasized, would be his priority.

In an exclusive interview with Ghnewsnow on the sideline of his campaign launch in Daboya, Lawyer Obei revealed that some politicians are campaigning on tribal and ethnic lines which he said has the tendency to jeopardize the peaceful co-existence the people enjoyed for decades now.

He urged them to do politics devoid of ethnocentrism and promote communal co-existence. As a prince of the Wasipe traditional area, he vowed to intensify peace advocacy to promote peace in the constituency.

He reiterated that commercializing agriculture, routine health check and education and promoting quality educational standards can only be achieved when constituents co-existed peacefully.

Lawyer Obei has over the years been involved in community development work in the wasipe area where he organizes free health screening, extra classes for BECE candidates to improve the educations standards, donations of computers, beds, mattresses, desks amongst others.

The recent is the donation of 100 beds, 100 mattresses and 100 desks for the community senior high school.

The incumbent, Nelson Abudu Bani urged all to rally behind Lawyer Mahama Shaibu Obei and canvass more votes for him while rubbishing rumors of skirmishes between the duo. There have been rumors of sabotage from the camp of the incumbent after he was beaten by Lawyer Obei during the NDC’s primaries.

Lawyer Obei, also a private legal practitioner with the Savanna Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) has Sameul Tika as his main contender on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party.



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