I Will Close Down Jankori School If…… Wa East GES Director.

Following poor enrolment at the Jankori Number 2 basic school in the Wa East District,  the district director of education Evans Kpebah has threatened to close down the school if parents don’t ensure their kids go to school.

Mr. Kpebah who showed signs of anger at a function to commence the second phase of the complementary basic education program at Jankori Number 1 on Tuesday,  disclosed that, only 11 pupils report for school each day at the basic school with a teacher population of 5.

According to him this is not good enough as it is leading to the under utilizing of the teachers posted there.
The director,  said if by close of the academic year things don’t improve,  he will recommend the closure of the school and the teachers transferred to other schools.

He said, “it’s sad to find only 11 children being taught by 5 teachers. This is not good as government is wasting money on these teachers who should be teaching about 45 pupils per class.  So if by close of this academic year things don’t improve, I will close down the school”.

Jankori Number 2 is one of the communities located in the Wa East District with a settler farmer residents. Most children here spend time on the farms and herding animals such as cattle and sheep.

This prompted Pro Net North an NGO operating in the Upper West region to introduce the Complementary Basic Education Program in the area.

25 children have been reintegrated into the mainstream system after 9 months of being taught numeracy and mother tongue.  50 more children have been enrolled for the second batch but concerns are being expressed as to the schools these children will be integrated into as the nearest school to Jankori Number 1 is at Jankori Number 2 which 7 miles away.

The situation is even worse with the declaration by the GES Director to close down the Jankori Number 2 school.
By Musah Lansah(Jankori)

Picture below is Evans Kpebah presenting a uniform and books to a beneficiary of the CBE program.

Story By : Musah Lansah



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