We Are Going To Be Radical To Demand Full Implementation Of The Disability -GFD

The Ghana Federation Of Disability ,GFD,has announced that,the Federation radical actions are going to be used hence forth to ensure full implementation of the Disability Act in the country.

According the Fedaration,persons living with disability has been cheated and discriminated against including job acqusition for far too long hence the need for radical approach to fix the canker.
The President of GFD,Mr.Yaw Debrah, announced this during the maiden Eastern regional Conference of Ghana Association of Persons With Disability on Friday.
He said Ghana has enacted fine legislations protecting the rights and freedoms of Persons living with disability but has become inactive as a results of lack of political commitment and “implementation deficit”
“from 2016 up to 2020,it is going to be radical action to ensure that existing arrangments made for persons with disability are implemented and we will ensure that,we deal with anyone who becomes obstacle in in our way ”
The Federation President charged members to report to their leaderships cases of reluctant by Some Metropolitant,,Municipal and district Assemblies to release the 3% disability fund to them.
He expressed the dissappointment of rhe federation on the Minister of Gender,Children and Social Protection for not able to champion their course as anticipated.The Federation is also demanding answers from the government reasons for defaulting 5000 quota employement guranteed allocated to them in the Youth employment Modules..
The Eastern Regional Minister ,Mavis Ama Frimpong, on her part, readfirmed the government committment towards improving the living condition of persons with disability as well as protevtion.of their rights which is evident in the a Cabinet Ministerial portfolio given to visually impaired in the.person of Dr.Seidu Danaa as Chieftaincy Minister..

She said government has increased the percentage for the disability fund to 3% ,enrolling persons with disability free of charge onto the NHIS among many interventions aim at bettering thr living standards of the disable persons in the country.

Story By: Kwadow Ansah Sasraku



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