I Only Came Here To look For Money: Prostitute Declares

Prostitution which is seen as an age old profession seem to be a difficult thing to talk about in most African settings.  Several reasons are given for motivating  ladies who engage in it.
While some do it for fun, others do it to solve financial difficulties they find themselves in.

One of such commercial sex workers in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West region tells ghnewsnow.com reporter Musah Lansah  that her reason for engaging in it is to help her raise money to further her education.
Monica as she wants to be called tells Musah Lansah  that,  she left her country of birth Nigeria to Ghana in search of money through prostitution.
According to her, “I came to Ghana to make money and go back to Nigeria to continue my education”.
When asked whether there are no other options for her to get the money she wants, she said, “there are other options but they won’t give me the kind of money I want to get. With what I am doing I can get the money I want in one year so that I can pursue my education”.

She goes on to say that she is not interested in boyfriends as they won’t give her what she wants.
She said, “for me I did not come here because of boyfriend. All these boys they will deceive you that they love you but will only have sex with you without protection. They won’t even give you money that will help you get what you want”.

Musah Lansah  goes on to ask whether she will stop if a man asks her to stop but she responded that, ” if only the man will count the money I want and give it to me, I will stop”.

Prostitution a menace growing in the municipality.

Prostitution in the Wa municipality is growing gradually as more and more people from different areas come to engage in business and leisure. It is now common to find some of these commercial sex workers to put up at some guest houses in the municipality in order to engage in the practice.

Though one cannot say it is widespread,  it is only a matter of time before it gets out of hand.
The story of Monica is just one of the many stories of the reasons why young ladies go into the trade.
Story By: Musah Lansah



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