St. Louis Teacher Trainees Strike Over ‘Tasteless’ Food

Students of the St Louis College of Education in Kumasi are agitating over the quantity and quality of food served them at the school’s dining hall.

The students protested and refused to eat their meals on Wednesday  night.

Some of the students who spoke to Ultimate News’  indicated that efforts to have their complaints solved over the poor dining services have proven futile.

The angry students further complained that their fee increments have not reflected in the quality of conditions in the school.

They complained that they were charged GHC1,135 but they now pay GHC1,400.

‘We have been having problem about the quantity  and quality of food given us, this term the quantity has reduced drastically, one person cannot even have one full ladle of meal, our demonstration is on a quite note, the food is tasteless and insufficient, we have been complaining it but authorities have done nothing about it,’ they bemoaned.

The only school authority who was on hand at the campus was the Vice Principal Mr. Safo but declined to comment on the matter.

He said he will only do so until authorization was given from the management of the school.



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