Audio: Illegal Miners Destroying Our Water Bodies -Kotokuo Residents Cry Out

Residents of Kotokuo, a farming community in the Atwima Mponua district of the Ashanti region are calling on state authorities to help drive away illegal small scale miners in the community.

They are accusing their leaders of selling the River Offin, which serves as the only water source in the community for farming and domestic use to illegal small scale miners.

They claim ‘Galamsey’ operators paid GH¢40,000 to the authorities to mine gold in the river at the expense of the community members.

The locals complained mining activities in the River Offin and its surroundings has affected all farming activities in the community due to the toxic chemicals used by the miners.

Speaking to Ghnewsnown’s Isaac Bediako, a concerned resident, Charles Addei explained that they lack potable water and that residents resort to using ‘dirty’ water.

‘We are so much worried because when you look at the river its so much polluted and one cannot drink the water, now we don’t have water to drink, people resort to drink the dirty water and you know problems associated with drinking polluted water, its a big problem facing this community, government should send security forces to drive these people away, because they are destroying our lands and river, most of them are armed robbers, they pretend to engage in mining  and resort to vices,’ he stated.

He revealed that the small scale miners who generate lots of income from their work, have been snatching people’s wives.

‘Women are weak, so they have been luring the women with their money,’ he said.



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