Fulanis In Ghana Petition UN Over Stereotyping

Ghanaian Fulanis have stated that they have had enough of the labeling and distortion of their true identity.

The ethnic group has been in the news for all the wrong reasons for several years now.

They have been accused of rape, armed robbery and destruction of farms among other heinous crimes but Fulanis in Ghana have now decided to seek for help from the international community and are calling on the United Nations to intervene.

President of the Fulani Community in Ghana, Professor Osman Bari told a news conference that “bearing in mind the various accords, conventions, protocols both regional and international we wish to call the attention of His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of UN to use his good office to intervene in the situation that has for all purpose and intent been perpetuated unfavorably against the Fulanis in Ghana to achieve a peaceful co-existence of the people of the world”.

Bari added “we also call upon H.E. the President of Senegal and current ECOWAS chairman, Mohammed Macky Sall to add his voice to his colleague the President of Ghana to ensure that Fulanis in the country, both nationals and foreigners enjoy the benefits of all accords Ghana is a signatory to.”

The mere mention of Fulanis in almost every Ghanaian community invokes ill-feeling and pessimism due to the unending reports of criminal activities they allegedly engage in.

Some communities like Agogo and Fanteakwa recently vowed to flush out all Fulanis after a series of deadly clashes claimed lives and led to the destruction of properties running into thousands of cedis.

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