Bunkprugu Clashes: Curfew Reviewed From 8pm to 6am.Three Houses Torched Again. 40 Houses Burnt

The commander of the anti terrorist unit of the Ghana Police Sup Adomfie has given rather chilling orders to his men in Bunkprugu to “identify all threats and neutralize it”

The commander has also reviewed the curfew arrangement in the troubled area from 8pm to 6pm

The instruction was necessary after a deployed military and police force have failed to restore lasting peace to Bunkprugu

The Anti terrorist unit of the Police on Friday took over from the military and police service detailed in Bunkprugu after several unsuccessful attempts to quell the intermittent violence clashes between the jamong and jafouk families over a kingship dispute

Reports suggest that two persons have died and about 40 houses torched in a fresh riot that broke on Thursday evening and escalated to Friday afternoon

The disturbance has displaced many people and heightens tension in the area

Residents who were fleeing the township Friday afternoon were caught up in a serious struggle with Togo personnel stationed at the border of Ghana and Togo

The border guards refused to allow the fleeing residents entry to the neighboring country and caned people to return to Ghana

Desperate residents used unapproved route through the bushes to trek along to Togo for safety, a fleeing resident told Tamale Based Journalist Eliasu Tanko

The anti terrorist unit is expected to restore peace and ensure maximum security in Bunkprugu pending a court decision on the chieftaincy dispute



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