South Africa To Host The 1st Africa-China Investment Forum In 2016

In what is described as a major Sino-Africa deal making forum ever hosted on the African continent, the Africa-China Investment Forum (ACIF) will be held in Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa for the first time from 4-5 October 2016. The first edition is under the broad theme: “Broadening the frontiers of Sino-African Investments”.

China has risen to become Africa’s number one trading partner. For Africa, China’s low-cost manufacturers have helped to stimulate consumer markets. China is a valuable trading partner, a source of investment financing and an important complement to traditional development partners. China is investing massively in Africa’s infrastructure.

African private businesses are also tapping into the huge potential of the Chinese investment landscape. Businesses across the two regions (China and Africa) have therefore seen a significant boost in the past decades.

ACIF promises to be the leading Sino – African deal-making forum ever organized. A well designed networking forum created to connect partners across the Sino-African investment landscape.

The forum will bring together Ministers of States from Africa and China, C.E.Os of top African and Chinese investment firms, bankers, investment houses, government agencies across the 54 countries of Africa and from China.

This forum will feature over 600 participants from across various key sectors of economies such as Banking and Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Power, Mining, Agriculture, Telecommunications, Transport Infrastructure, Capital Markets, Legal Professional Services etc. It will provide a huge networking platform with investment value in the regions of over $250 billion.

“From where I stand, I see a huge potential in the Sino-Africa co-operations. Businesses need to understand themselves. Driving investments across the regions requires a deeper market understanding, strategic partnerships; networking and building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships” this is according to Mr. Paul Frimpong, Group C.E.O of Economic Business and organizers of the Africa-China Investment Forum.

The forum will be chaired by H.E. President John Agyekum. Kufuor, former President of the Republic of Ghana and will feature at least five sitting Presidents from Africa as well key people from Chinese Government.

Credit : African Reporters



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