Help Fight Terrorism – Italian PM Tells Ghana

The Italian Prime Minister has called on Ghana to help in the fight against terrorism which he describes as a global threat.

Addressing Ghana’s Parliament Tuesday as part of a two-day visit to the West African nation, Matteo Renzi said every country in the world must be concerned about the fight against terrorism and urged Ghanaian leaders to partner Italy to “fight those who want to destroy our values…inclusion, and unity”.

“Terrorism aims at disintegrating the society. They try to kill us and force us to live in fear. We must refuse this message and together, in the name of culture, ideas and democracy fight against this terrible message and work together in unity because the future is for us, our children and grandchildren.”

The Italian Premier also commended Ghana for its stability and democracy and demanded pragmatic steps from the country towards ending illegal migration and human trafficking to Europe.

Mr. Renzi said he is appalled at the emerging trend where young people from Africa including Ghana resort to crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach Italy and other European countries for greener pastures.

During such dangerous journeys, many die while others are duped of thousands of dollars.

Mr Renzi told parliament that the trend must change as he charges government to create opportunities that prevents the country’s youth from migrating to Europe.

“I consider the human dignity more important that we will continue to save the people on the sea, but at the same time, we know the only way to stop human trafficking is to work together to build the possibility of creating jobs together, give opportunity to the people, and, together, fight against the terrible [practice]”



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