Heavy Gunfire In Bunkpurugu, Again

There have been heavy gunfire exchanges in Bunkpurugu in the Northern Region since 8pm on Wednesday between rival chieftaincy groups Jamong and Jafog. Several houses have been torched in the renewed conflict.

Police in the region are struggling to keep peace. The two factions are fighting over right to the throne. The Jamongs are challenging the legitimacy of the current chief, who is from the Jafok faction.

The two clans have been engaged in the legitimacy dispute for over two decades. The case has been in court for close to a decade. There is a curfew on the area but both sides have disregarded it intermittently.

The cause of the renewed clashes is not known but report from the community indicates that many residents are fleeing to safety. No casualty has been recorded yet.

There were similar clashes in November 30 last year in which three people were killed.



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