Ghanaians Taking Terrorism Threats For Granted – Experts

Security experts believe Ghanaians are being complacent and ignorant on security matters relating to terrorism.

They are calling for more alertness on the part of Ghanaians and better security systems to be put in place to avert any terrorist attack.

There has been a recent brouhaha about the presence of two former detainees from Guantanamo Bay in the country, with some people and groups including the Christian Council of Ghana and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference lamenting that the development could potentially expose the country to a terror attack.

At a roundtable on the transfer of the Bin Atef and Al-Dhuby to Ghana for a two-year stay, the head of the Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy (LECIAD), Prof Henrietta Mensa-Bonsu, said security is largely taken for granted in the country.

She said people must be made more conscious of the things that they can do to prevent people, who have bad plans from realising them.

“Some of those will have to involve our change in even the way we traditionally do things. You know that Ebola changed the way some people responded socially,” she said.

Expressing concerns about the cache of ammunitions impounded in Kumasi late last year, she told Class News’ Atiewin Mbillah: “We have a commission on small arms and that’s because it’s been a problem for a while in our sub-region because of our porous borders.”

According to her, the average person has notshown much interest in security issues in the country.

“Some of those arms were found on vehicles; there were drivers on the vehicles. Did these drivers alert the police even if they were not a part of the plot? Did they alert the police that somebody had brought baggage which looked suspicious? They think it’s their duty to drive, so, they will drive anybody with whatever they bring, so, those are some of the ways our attitude must change.

“In many little ways we can help ourselves,” she added.

Source: ClassFM



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