“I Act Girly But I’m Not Gay” – Suspended Owass Student

  • Three students of the Opoku Ware Senior High School in the Ashanti region who were suspended for allegedly indulging in homosexuality are protesting their suspension.

    Authorities handed them an indefinite suspension for allegedly indulging in the act.

    But one of the suspended students who spoke to  Isaac Bediako denied being a homosexual but said he only behaves like a female.

    “They have no evidence that we are gays…it is people saying we are gays because we act girly”.

    He added that they were not given a fair hearing by the school’s disciplinary committee and were forced to accept that they were gays. He added that he has no control over the way he acts which makes people think he is gay.

    “It is something natural, you just grow up with it you won’t realize how you are acting, how can I be gay when my parents are male and female…what is the sense in it,” he said.



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