Proliferation Of Vigilante Groups A Threat To Security- Acting IGP

The Acting Inspector General of Police (IGP), John Kudalor has indicated that mushroom vigilante groups formed by political parties in the country are threat to security.

This he said, the police administration will be implementing measures taken by the Attorney General’s Department (AG) to ensure that the operations of these groups come to an end.

He described these groups as unlawful, saying they are not properly registered and that their operations do not fall within the laws of the country.

‘So far as the police institution is concerned the proliferations of vigilante groups is a threat to security and we have had cause to report to the AG, and advise has come so it’s the advise that we are going to implement period, that’s our mandate as police institution,’ he stated.

He disclosed that the police administration will have series of meetings with the various political parties to sensitise them on the position of the law relating to formation of these groups.

Asked if operations of Bolga Bulldog, Azorka boys, Invincible forces will be a thing of the past, he said ‘Yes before the year ended, we met the leadership, we spoken to them, wrote to AG’s office.  The next move is to meet the leadership of all the political parties, tell them the position of the law, and let them understand the law, then after which we shall enforce the law as and when they become necessary as a police institution’.

He pointed out that political parties are not supposed to have security groups to do their biddings for them.

Speaking on kumasi based Ultimate Fm , the Acting IGP assured that the police administration will tackle political mayhem that may occur during the upcoming 2016 general elections in November, 2016.

He assured that there are going to be inauguration of election security taskforce to ensure peaceful elections.

‘Some of the mechanisms put in place are overt and I can let you know and some are covert, the overt is very soon we are going to inaugurate election security taskforce, to bring all other security agencies, bring all hands on deck, continue our normal police patrols. It’s an all hands on deck issue, this election is quite big and we have to approach it as such,’ he said.

Touching on various vigils and demonstrations, he said there will not be any disagreements between the police force and demonstrators if laws are obeyed.

‘If those things are done in the ramifications of the law we don’t have any problems, usually when they are going on such demonstrations, we sit down with them, come to a compromise and with one accord agree on what to do. They will be no chaos if there is conformity, our men will act professionally, ‘ he assured.

He cautioned that police personnel who indulge in corruption will be punished whiles those who work diligently will be awarded.

‘As human institutions we cannot say its hundred percent corrupt free, we have come a long way out of this canker, we have come to a very appreciable percentage where the police administration is trusted by the people,’ he intimated.



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