EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Ejisu Assembly Members Deceived Me-Yamoah Ponkoh

The rejected presidential nominee for Ejisu/Juaben Municipal Assembly in the Ashanti Region, Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh has accused the assembly members for deceiving him during the just ended endorsement elections.

According to him, the assembly members of the Assembly promised to vote massively for him, saying their words were all lies that break hearts.

‘Why not as a human being am disappointed, after I had been given the assurance that they were going to vote for me, its disappointment  but  am not perturbed, am a politician,’ he expressed worry.

The former Ejisu/Juaben MCE who was re-appointed in November by President Mahama was yesterday Tuesday rejected when 41 assembly members voted against him.

He further lashed out at the assembly members for failing to vote for him, after promising him heaven and earth.

Nominated Municipal Chief Executive For Ejisu Juaben Municipality
Nominated Municipal Chief Executive For Ejisu Juaben Municipality Afirifa Yamoah -Ponko

He expressed disappointment that his cordial relationship with the assembly members could not do the magic for him as he only polled 25 votes.

‘My good relationship with them is what brings about the disappointment, as for the party people don’t mind, about 10 of them were actually on my neck, I knew that they were going to vote against me, but not to talk of the lettered ones, it’s a normal thing, since I have the chance to come back twice, am not perturbed at all,’ he said.

Yamoah Ponkoh expressed shock over the jubilation of his rejection by the assembly members.

‘They are in jubilation, why not this is not the first time they are jubilating, they have been doing that,  I don’t care about them, of course since I have confidence that I will be endorsed in the next assembly election,’ he pointed out.

He indicated that the President has lot of confidence in him, hence his re-nomination.

‘If the president doesn’t have confidence in me, he wouldn’t have re-appointed me. I have two chances if they reject me in all the subsequent two elections, the constitution informs the president to change me, and bring in another person so until then I won’t  throw in the towel,’ he stated.

The former Ejisu/Juaben MCE who failed to disclose his strategy to win the assembly’s consideration said, ‘I cannot disclose my strategy to win the election, he who fights and runs away will live to fight another day’.



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