Audio: Rural –Urban Migration Cause Of Child Prostitution In Ghana -Morison Djagana

The Assembly Member of Fante New-Town electoral area, Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, Morison Djagana has expressed worry over the increasing spate of child prostitution in the Kumasi metropolis.

A popular drinking spot at Asafo market known as BB close to the VIP bus terminal has been identified as the brothel for teenage girls between the ages of 10 and 16years.

Mr. Djagana disclosed that majority of the young commercial sex workers are indigenes from the three Northern Regions, saying they engage in this business for money purposes.

‘Around Asafo market there is a spot popularly called BB, in fact when you go there you realise that most of them are these our Northern sisters,’ he revealed.

He attributed this act to their quest to seek employment in the cities.

‘At times they come here, no sleeping places, no expected jobs so they fall into this act, so to tackle child prostitution, I think rural-urban migration is a factor which needs to be tackled.  Places I know in Kumasi there are my own Northern sisters who are mostly into it,’ he disclosed.

He indicated that the assembly does not have money to fight child prostitution.

‘We are working with other agencies, social welfare, Domestic Victim and Support Unit (DOVVSU). We don’t have common fund to undergo such exercises, you know their problems but cannot help them, government should intervene,’ he appealed.

He added that it’s difficult locating the prostitutes to sensitise them on problems and diseases associated with prostitution.

‘At times these people are not within ordinary citizens within electoral areas, they have migrated. So the rapport to work with them is not there,’ he added.

He urged government to improve on Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) and all the Northern projects to provide jobs for the youth and people who have completed Universities.

‘Government should work on projects such as SADA and all northern projects, so that people will not travel to Southern part of Ghana for prostitution. That drinking spot is a flash point so police  always go there to arrest them, but it doesn’t stop them from doing their business,’ he advised.

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