Ghanaian Homosexuals Cry For Protection

The gay and lesbian community in Ghana is demanding an end to what it calls the gross violation of the rights of its members.

The gays and lesbians say they can no longer suffer physical, verbal and emotional abuse because of their sexual orientation.

The Netherlands embassy and the Human Rights Advocacy Center premiered a movie on the experiences of Lesbians and gays in Kenya to those with similar sexual orientation in Ghana.

Speaking to Starr News after the event, some of the homosexuals said they are fed up with the abuse.

“In this country we are not allowed the right to reveal our real identity but we try to be who we are within us. I’m a lesbian and I have accepted myself. I have been abused a number of times, people have said a lot of hurtful words to me but that will not stop me from being who I am,” one of them stated.

Credit: Starrfm



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