French TV Panellist Suggests Ronaldo is In A Gay Relationship

Cristiano Ronaldo pictured with Moroccan-Dutch professional kickboxer Badr Hari. The photograph was accompanied by a caption saying: ‘Just married. Hahahaha’

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is in a gay relationship with a Moroccan kickboxer, it has been sensationally claimed.

The bizarre report surfaced after stories emerged in the Spanish press that he was making regular trips to Morocco to see Hari.

The Portuguese footballer, known for dating a string of supermodel girlfriends, was said to regularly visit kickboxer friend Badr Hari for ‘cuddles’.

This lead to a discussion on French TV about what footballers do in their spare time.

One of the pundits, Daniel Riolo, stated during the TV show: ‘What I’m interested in is what players do on the pitch, and whether their side activities might have an impact on that.

‘Take the example of Cristiano Ronaldo – I’m sure flying off to Morocco three to four times a week to see a friend and cuddle with him might have an impact on his performances eventually.’

According to Extra Confidencial, there is concern among the club’s bosses about impact Ronaldo’s regular trips to Rabat could have on his performances.

He now has a private jet, a £13.5million Gulfstream G200, available at Torrejon Air Base any day of the week, which he can use to travel abroad.

It was claimed he used the private jet to take him to Morocco after trainings and back again the same night so he could attend the following day’s training.

Ronaldo, 30, has dated a string of models, including spending five years in a relationship with Russian star Irina Shayk.

However, his frequent trips to Morocco aboard his private jet are said to be a cause of concern at Real Madrid.

Pictures of the two posted on Hari’s social media accounts a month-and-a-half ago show them lazing together in the sun poolside.

The first showed the pair together on a pool lounger. The accompanying caption read: ‘Poolside chilling with my bro, always great to welcome you in my beautiful country.’

Another shows Ronaldo being held by Hari, who captioned it: ‘Just married hahahaha. Always there to pick you up bro.’

MailOnline has requested comment from Ronaldo’s representatives.

Hari considers himself to have lived a ‘rags to riches’ story after being born immigrants parents and rising to the top of his sport.

Born in December 8, 1984, he is the father of a young daughter and currently lives in Morocco, where he is widely-loved for his kickboxing prowess.

According to his website, he has a ‘keen interest’ in watches, cars and men’s fashion.

It states: ‘Badr is also notable for his keen interest in sartorial matters. He is a dedicated follower of fashion and has consistently been one of the best-dressed professional athletes in the world.

‘It has also been suggested that, with his height and distinctive looks, Badr could have been a model instead of a fighter. By his own admission he takes a lot of pride in his appearance.’

The 30-year-old is no stranger to controversy. While considered one of the world’s best kickboxers, he has also been the subject of unwanted attention for his off field antics.

He has been linked to several police investigations and has been arrested multiple times on assault charges.

Hari also found himself the subject of press attention three years ago when it was claimed football legend Ruud Gullit’s wife had left him for Hari.

It was reported Gullit’s wife Estelle, now, 36, fell in love with Hari – who is 21 years Gullit’s junior.

In a remarkable interview with Dutch paper De Telegraaf, she blamed her husband’s infidelity for the end of their 12-year marriage.

She said: ‘There is one thing Ruud needs to know. Badr has not stolen me from Ruud… Ruud gave me away.’

‘Ruud is angry and confused,’ she revealed. ‘He can’t believe what is happening. He was ­really angry when I told him I was leaving him.’




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