Salaga Senior High Students Sleep Under Trees

Inadequate accommodation facilities for Students of Salaga Senior secondary school in the East Gonja District of the Northern region has forced them to sleep in the open. The school has a population of two thousand one hundred and five students comprising of third year and second year students.

The school is still in the process of admitting first year students in the school yet there is no enough space for the already existing students especially for the boys.


             Photo Credit : Alima Bawa-Tamale

Their plight will worsen as the school is in the processes of admitting the over eight hundred students placed in the by the Computerised selection and placement system.

The house master of Nkrumah house, one of the houses greatly affected by the situation, Mr Abdel Majeed Ibn Sally said they are in for crises since their appeals to relevant authorities is yet yield any positive result.


According to him, In the interim, incoming first year students, from very far places will be allowed to stay on campus but those from the nearby towns and villages, will be day students until enough dormitories are provided.


 Photo Credit : Alima Bawa-Tamale

Notwithstanding the congestion of the building, the students also live in fear and panic as the building accommodating them is in a deplorable shape. Students have to push pieces of rags, cushions and papers to block leakage from the ceiling while they remain standing and frequently change the papers when they are so much soaked any time rain falls.  The accommodation block which was built in 1967, had also developed deep cracks in walls and visibly be seen tilted.


              Photo Credit : Alima Bawa-Tamale

The over three hundred student’s residence has no even a single fun even though the students struggle for space in the room. This, the students say, creates discomfort especially during the warm weather period. But the house master says they are relying on the students to contribute to buy fans for themselves. During warm weather conditions, they are forced to sleep under trees while others sleep on the varanders. Some students who are forced to sleep in the open complained of frequent snakes visitations on them.




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