NPP Taking “Patapaa” Stance On Voters’ Register – Press Mahama

President John Mahama has described the stance of the opposition New Patriotic Party in the ongoing voter register discussion as overly entrenched for the democratic development of the country.

According to him, democracy requires that dialogue and mutual respect is applied in resolving national differences instead of violence.

Speaking at an event in the Upper East region as part of his #changinglives tour, Mr. Mahama said his ruling NDC will work and respect the position of the electoral commission on the register issue .

“Ghanaians are discerning and it is not right for our democracy that you have a party that claims to be democratic but in everything claim that is either my way or no way; this country will never burn.

“ In our local language that is what we call “patapaa”. It is the duty of the electoral commission to decide on voters registers and we must have respect for the institutions of democracy” the President stated.

He added: “ If we don’t respect the institutions of democracy, then we have no democracy. And so we all wrote into the constitution that we shall have an independent electoral commission. NDC is a democratic party and we shall abide by the principles of democracy and respect anything the commissions says and we will win the 2016 election”.

The opposition NPP and pressure group Let My Vote Count Alliance have been at the forefront of the call for a new register claiming that the existing one is compromised and unfit for next year’s elections.



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