Revealed: Rape Report For Sale At Police Hospital

                                                          Copy of a police rape report obtained without any scrutiny

It has emerged that all you need to press defilement and rape charges against an individual is to pay your way to secure a police report from the Police Hospital in Accra, Starr News investigation has uncovered.

Painstaking investigations led by Starr News’ court correspondent Wilberforce Asare has revealed that doctors at the Police Hospital are prepared to write a report incriminating one of rape offenses for a fee, without any medical checkup of the supposed victim.

Asare who visited the hospital on different occasions with a pseudo victim’s name, had two separate defilement reports written for him for court purposes without any scrutiny or medical check on the supposed victim.

A medical officer, Dr. Maglene Cabrera Fonseca, who wrote the report, according to Asare, never requested for a view of the victim, on whose behalf, the charges were being pressed.

                                                                                  Details of the police report

“All I needed to do was to find a rape or defilement story which adds up and they were prepared to write me a report at just GHC150.

“My worry was that; based on this report, someone could just be arrested for not committing any offense at all, because the doctors don’t really check if the crime has been committed or not, they just write the report once you can pay the fee,” Asare stated.

Source Starrfm



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