Prostitute Robs Former Minister In Hotel


A former Northern Regional Minister, who allegedly solicited the services of a lady believed to be a prostitute, has ended up losing his Ford 4×4 vehicle in Accra.

The former minister (name withheld for now) allegedly took the lady to a hotel at Pig Farm, an Accra suburb, where she identified herself as Abigail Asiedu and stole the vehicle with the help of her boyfriend, identified as Bashiru Ishmael, who is currently at large.

Police reports indicate that Abigail, who targets high profile personalities, has used this modus operandi to steal more than eight vehicles from her clients.

Purportedly operating together with Bashiru Ishmael and Nuhu Adams – also at large – Abigail reportedly changes the vehicles’ number plates and sells them to unsuspecting buyers.

All but one of the stolen vehicles have since been retrieved by the police.

Information gathered at the hotel indicates that the former minister checked in with Abigail on the day in question. After several rounds of sex, the two decided to relax for some time before leaving the place. Upon realizing that her client was tired and deeply asleep, Abigail allegedly sneaked out of the room with the ignition key of the vehicle.

Together with Bashiru Ishmael, she allegedly drove the vehicle from the compound. The former minister, who later discovered that the lady was not in the room, became suspicious and immediately went out to look for her only to realise that his vehicle was not parked at where he left it.

A report was lodged with the police immediately. DCOP Christian Tetteh Yohunu, the Accra Regional Police Commander, who briefed the media, said Abigail met the client on social media and on August 30, 2015 they met at Pig Farm, a suburb of Accra, where they decided to go to a nearby hotel to relax.

Abigail and Bashiru Ishmael, DCOP Yohunu asserted, had earlier been arrested by the Baatsona, Klagon and Dahwenya police this year for using the same method to snatch a Honda Civic CRV, Toyota Corolla and a Toyota Camry from some victims.

Police reports also indicate that Abigail, whose real name is Habiba Abubakar, uses multiple alialses including Abigail Fatimatu Adamu to swindle her victims.

Police say during interrogation, Abigail confessed to conspiring with her boyfriend, Ishmael Bashiru, to steal the vehicle but said when Ishmael got wind of her arrest, he went into hiding. They say Abigail also mentioned Nuhu Adams as the receiver of the stolen vehicles, and led the police to Nuhu Adam’s house at Ashaiman but he was absent.

When contacted on phone, he abandoned the stolen vehicle on the Tema Motorway and fled, according to the police officer.



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