Ghanaians Extol The Value Of Friendship At International Day Of Friendship In New York

Brooklyn borough hall president Eric Adams appears in a press conference at Brooklyn borough hall on Monday, March 24,2014.
Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams. (Photo Courtesy:

As part of  celebrating International Day of Friendship, the Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adam on August 2, led  a Parade of flags with Country delegates carrying the flags of all 193 countries that are members of United Nations. The parade marched from the Brooklyn Bridge to Cadman Plaza Park.

The UN –designated International Day of Friendship is celebrated around the world as countries partake in a variety of events to promote peace and unity .The 2nd Annual International Day of Friendship is meant to showcase Brooklyn’s diversity and to connect people across communities and cultures. Welcome celebration remarks by Sandra chapman(Chief orogram officer office of the Brooklyn Borough President )


A Ghanaian delegation led by Kwabena Jerry, Kwame Agyemang Budu and Benjamin Aidoo spoke to the press on the importance of friendship. They said friendship is a cherished Ghanaian value and a trademark of every Ghanaian. This they said is why Ghana has the reputation as one of the friendliest places on earth.


“We need unity if we want to live together in peace and harmony. Friendship enables people from different cultural backgrounds who live together in a community to build those special bridges that enables them to appreciate each other and therefore live as one united people in peace” Kwabena Jerry said. “In Ghana a friend is like a brother or a sister. I am sure that’s is why Ghana is an oasis of peace and the Gateway to Africa” Kwame Agyemang Budu added. Benjamin Aidoo on his part congratulated the Brooklyn Borough President for coming up with the idea for this celebration.

The celebration of the event attracted hundreds of Brooklynites and and visitors to the Brooklyn Hall ,where they enjoyed inter-continental cuisine,cultural exchange and a series of cultural performances.

Ghanaian traditional dancer, Ohenemaa BB and her group the African Unique Dancers from Brooklyn stole the show.

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